Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can run?

Anyone who can walk 3kms without any physical complication is allowed to run. We always encourage you to check with your physician about any health condition that you might have. But otherwise - young and old, male or female – all can run! (Hope you have heard about Faujasingh who runs marathons at the young age of 100 years!)

Why run?

Following are the reasons we run:

  • The best way to remove the words, "I can't" from your vocabulary.
  • Do something unique and special. Only 0.01% of the world ever finds the motivation and discipline to run a marathon. Be one of the chosen few.
  • Lose weight. There is no better way to lose the weight, and keep it off, than by training for and completing the marathon. It's like free liposuction!
  • Want to look good in front of the mirror? Less "jiggling" and firmed and toned lines? A marathon is the ticket!
  • You get better with age. Most sports mean a slow decline with the forces of age. Marathoning is one of the few sports where you can and do improve with age as base mileage increases. It feels GREAT to be faster at 40 than at 20.
  • The joy you get of being able to take 2 steps at a time, go up 4 flights, and you aren't standing out of breath at the top.
  • Long life. The data is clear—marathoners live longer and healthier than less sedentary folks. Who wants to check out early?
  • The finishers' medal. Remember how your first award as a small child meant so much? How you slept with it under your pillow? Recapture the magic. It is one great feeling to get that finishers medal placed around your neck!
  • Family pride. The look on mom and dad’s faces; sisters and brothers. Wives and husbands and children, friends, is absolutely priceless. You can sense their pride in what you have done,

    GO FOR IT!

Which shoes should I wear?

This is a tough one! – There are running shoes available in the shops of every manufacturer. Easy answer is to try them and one that feels most comfortable is the one to wear. Runners try to get at least 500 miles out of a pair of shoes before changing. A shoe too tight might not be right for long distance running as feet need to expand and breathe while running! So buy half a size bigger! If you are still confused – try barefoot running! It is a new fad in long distance running!

What to eat? How much to drink?

Please refer to a detailed note on nutrition on page resources