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  • Dean Karnazes: Confessions of an all-night runner
    Well, this guy got it all figured out in one night of existential crisis. A super human tale of a man next door. His passion, commitment and dedication is unparalleled. He talks about mammoth runs as if they are morning walks. An insight into what it is like going beyond the mental and physical barriers
  • Lance Armstrong: Every second counts & It’s not about the bike
    Strictly speaking the author and his passion is not about running but about cycling. But hey, we runners have won him over to running after his retirement from cycling! He is an inspirational story not withstanding controversies surrounding his 7 time “Tour de France” victories– He is a cancer survivor, now a marathoner and triathlete too!
  • Amit Sheth: Dare to run
    Once a couch potato- now a celebrated “Indian” runner! Brand ambassador for “Comrades Marathon” – countless marathon and ultra-marathon finisher. A published author, an adoring husband and loving father, a fine story teller and inspiration for many a runners.
  • Chris Mcdougall: Born to run
    Born to Run" is one man´s quest for the truth in long-distance running. When Chris McDougall comes across rumors of a secret band of marathon runners that rule the hills of the Sierra Madre in Northern Mexico, he goes a lot farther for this story than he ever expected possible. They are the Tarahumara Indians. For hundreds of years, they have developed a spirit, culture and way of life in running the trails of their isolated Copper Canyon. In this book, McDougal goes deep. He not only learns of what makes the Tarahumara go so fast and so far, he explores why we - with all our modern science and technology - lag so far behind. Also it is a marvelous adventure book involving extreme running.
  • Jeffrey Archer: Paths of Glory
    The book is not about running but about relentlessly pursuing the paths of your heart! This fictional account is based on the biopic adventure of one mountaineer who perished in his pursuit of becoming first man on the top of Mt Everest!
  • Haruki Murakami: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
    Memoirs of one of the great writers, who started running at the age 36. Got really good at it. Shares his insights, daily routines and passion for running. Super easy, yet appealing, read)
  • John L Parker Jr.: Once a Runner
    A highly recommended book. It's a novel about a teenage runner who goes on to achieve greater glories amid cloud of uncertainty and self-doubt. Has a peek into a serious athlete who dedicated his life to singular purpose. Ideal reading for young and aspiring athletes.
  • Dr. Tim Noakes: The Lore of Running (The Runner's Bible)
  • Danny Dreyer: Chi Running
    For how to improve the running form and posture
  • There is tons of other stuff to read:
  • is a good place to get more information about long distance running.

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